Tips for new parents

Your baby has been born and overwhelms you happiness … but also doubts about how to react and look at the newcomer. We offer a small survival guide for new parents.

new parents

Mistakes to avoid in the first months of baby
Becoming parents is one of the most challenging tasks in the world and the first months are undoubtedly the hardest. Your son is unknown and it is almost impossible not to make a mistake. It’s normal; you are in a continual process of learning, although it may avoid some of the more common if you know in advance. Here are a few.

We are parents… and human: As there are no perfect parents, should play down from the first minute and assume that if it is true that a baby brings tons of happiness, care also involves very tired and a radical change of habits, at least in the early months. So it is better adapted wing situation as soon as possible following three golden rules: prioritize, organize well and, if the situation is overwhelming, ask for help.

Lose perspective: Today we have few children and quite late, so the arrival of a baby becomes a major event. And while it is certainly one of the most important moments of our lives outside of our environment may not have relevance to believe. So do not bring forth things out of context: remember that children are born every day and that, therefore, you are neither the first ones nor last.

Leisure: Many parents think that since newborn babies spend so much time sleeping, have much free time to work on other things. Big mistake: between a shot and the other is just one minute to do anything that is not related to the baby and the day passes, in general, with a sigh. Maybe to make you a free moment, but far less than what you think, so it is better to have it clear in advance.

Follow the advice blindly: Magazines, books, television, friends, the mother … everyone will bombard you with tips on pregnancy, birth and baby care. Instead of listening patiently and try to do everything they have told, be clear what kind of parents you want to be and follow the advice of experts. Top: the gynecologist and the midwife first and your pediatrician later.

Misunderstandings in the couple: It is the law of life: the baby is going to become the center of attention at home, not just the first few weeks or months. Parents have to give up a part of them to care for their offspring and get the idea that they are no longer just a couple in loves. But that doesn’t mean that you must renounce the other: it is difficult, but must find time to talk, tell how you feel, and while the first few weeks it is impossible to resume sexual activity, should not leave it parked too long.

Too much worry: Many new parents spend so much time reading and worrying all the evils that can happen to their baby become almost paranoid and do not let anyone or anything near them. Whenever you suspect that something happens to your son, neither put yourselves in the worst thing do not even do unfounded assumptions, the better you will guide on your intuition and come to the pediatrician, he solves all your questions.

Spending more than necessary: Although we do not like to admit it, many of the things we buy for a newborn baby are more whims of the parents that the baby needs. This requires little more than a few parents who want and a place to sleep, so no need to stay in the red just to have everything ready for the birth. Buy some things that you need, ask for borrow, but may not be filled the house of junk that you are not sure you are going to use or need, in a few months they will not serve you at all and not know what to do with them.

The three major concerns: once the baby is home, calmness and good humor! Since then there are three things of particular concern to parents: food, sleep and cry of the newborn.

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