Tips for your baby learn to sleep

With the arrival of the baby life of their parents is disrupted, and in many ways, one of them is when he comes to sleep. Patience, love and more patience will be what are needed, especially in the first months of child life. However, over time the baby will be bigger and learning, also to sleep, as he does to eat or walk. We tell you below some tips that will help your baby learn to sleep more quickly.

baby learn to sleep

Proper attire: First, we must ensure that the baby is the right clothes to sleep, that fit comfortably and that suits the room temperature.

Respect meals time: As part of learning and the adaptation of the baby to everyday life, as the baby grows and incorporating solid foods, we must have fixed schedules of their meals and respect it. This will help him to sleep better.

Try to give food before 10 P.M.: After this time there are more frequent colic and digestive disorders that could obstruct the rest and wake up during the night.

Teach him to differentiate the day and night: It will be important for him to learn to recognize the day and night, and you know that during the day there is light, noise and activity, and at night, darkness, silence and rest.

Can leave a special toy: Most babies have a favorite doll or toy; leave it in bed as a company at night.

If mourn again, takes increasingly returning to his room: See increasing the time of 5 minutes, this way, you don’t get used to that before the first cry, someone go immediately.

Establish a routine for bedtime: Invent a sort of ceremony to go to sleep, and set it to repeat. You can tell a story or put certain music after change and position, which is at the same time each day.

Respects and do respect the rules: If you have a caregiver, have also respected the rules. Similarly, you respect them both you and your partner, it always firmly but with love and affection, the baby will learn to recognize what the limits are.