Tips to achieve that the child leave the diaper

Let the child leave the diaper is one of the principles of autonomy. This process sometimes be a bit frustrating, but we as parents can get quick and easy. For our child leaves the diaper must be sure and ask that can be controlled using the toilet. A good option is to leave it in the summer, so if there is any accidental leaks won’t wash a lot of clothes.

child leave diaper

The objective is that we integrate the bathroom as part of the child’s daily routine. And the best thing is to avoid that time coincides with beginning of school, moving or travel. And if you do not know if the child is ready to leave the diaper, some signs that will show you that it is, if you see that he is upset with the dirty diaper, if it stays clean for several hours or overnight or if the small shows signs that he is prepared to let the whole diaper.

You can also bring the subject to know that the child is no longer with diaper. It is best to go first to the potty, do not try to go directly to the toilet. You must involve your child in the decision, for example, go together to buy underwear that is comfortable so that it can be put and remove easily, the potty, and anything that helps learning the toilet by himself.

The process should begin slowly, i.e. at the beginning don’t do the experiment on a daily basis, you can try some days of the week, and remember that there will be no turning back. When you see that diaper is kept completely clean, you can remove it at night. And to leave the diaper on side, you will understand that your small is getting older, so to enjoy the most.