Tips to make the children’s return to school as normal as possible

Since confinement due to the coronavirus came into our lives in March, life has not been the same and we have had to drastically change our habits. The children saw how they could not go to school and adapt to studying from home.

children return to school

However, in a couple of weeks they will have to go back to school and following a series of measures that will not be easy at all, neither for this nor for the teaching staff.

To this day, the uncertainty is total and nobody is clear about how the new return to school can be. If you are a father or mother, you should take into account this series of tips or guidelines to follow so that the little ones can face this return to school in the best possible way.

Let them remain children

Above all, do not scare them and avoid any possible concern. The problem on many occasions is that it is the parents themselves that project their fears and doubts onto their own children.

The child must know that they have to go to school following a series of preventive measures but you must let them remain children.

Talk with them

Sitting down with the children and explaining what is happening in a simple way is key for them to go to school without any fear. From here they must go to school in the most demanding possible way and without any fear.

Parents should not stress

Parents should put their fears behind them and deal with the problem of their children’s going back to school as calmly as possible.

Experts advise disconnecting as much as possible from everything related to the coronavirus and doing a series of activities that help keep your mind as clear as possible. You can take a few minutes a day to indulge a bit and forget about un-optimistic thoughts.

Be careful what you talk about in front of children

Children should stay as far away from the worrying thoughts of parents as possible. That is why you have to be very careful about what you talk about in front of other adults.

The little ones must be kept as far as possible from all the news that comes out around the famous Covid-19. Bombarding them at all hours with everything related to the coronavirus is not good for children, especially now that the time to go back to school is approaching.

return to school

Child has to adapt to everything

You have to contemplate all possible scenarios and it is not at all certain that children will go back to school.

If the infections and outbreaks go to more, it is possible that they will return to virtual teaching, as happened a few months ago. The child must be prepared at all times to return to receive education from home.

Support among teachers

The truth is that the situation is quite complicated both for the students and for the teachers themselves. It is an abnormal situation that they had not faced before.

Hence, it is important that they seek support from the rest of the teaching staff. It is good to talk at all times about the fears and feelings of having to start the new school year in such a different and atypical way.

If all goes well in just two weeks, the children go to school. It is the job of parents and teachers to make going back to school as bearable as possible for the children themselves.