Tips to recover weight after childbirth

You have just had the childbearing and even the thrill of your baby is most important, sure you are already thinking about how to get rid of the extra kilos. Like everything else, time, knowledge and perseverance are essential for success. We offer a number of tips to lose weight after childbirth.

lose weight after childbirth

In principle, you should not forget that during lactation the nutrients and energy we consume are keys to ensure proper nutrition and development of the baby, so there will not be to do during setup and, in any case, the right thing will be to consult with a medical nutritionist.

Especially during the first few weeks you should not deprive you of anything that you feel desire, because the body is wise and will asked what you needs to recover from childbirth. Once you leave feeling better – time depends on each woman, although recommended it for five or six months of the baby, as is recommended start out to exercise gradually – a half-hour brisk walk is a good way to start.

The nurse also helps women lose weight: through this as natural as needed action to the newborn, the mother will also lose fat and eliminating the same reservations that were accumulated during pregnancy to produce breast milk.

Exactly, if you are in time of breastfeeding remember to do hypocaloric diet and consume good source of protein, minerals like calcium and iron, and other essential nutrients like iodine and omega acids. Conversely, avoid refined sugars, white flour and saturated fats.

Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, and not neglect the intake of water and natural liquids. Remember also that the way to cook food can help add calories, more often unnecessary: opt whenever you can for raw or baked foods by cooking, steaming or boiling.