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Treatment for a child who wets in the bed

With time most children stop bedwetting without treatment, but if help is needed health professional will first determine that there is a physical cause for the problem and then decide on the most appropriate approach. Some children may take longer to acquire the ability to control the bladder. It is rare that bedwetting is a result of a medical problem.

prevent bedwetting

Bladder training
Supervised by a continence advisor involves teaching children good habits to train the bladder to hold more urine.

Humidity alarms
These alarms are usually placed on the bed, under the child. The alarm sounds when there is leakage of urine and wakes the child. This can help train the child to wake up when the bladder is full.

Techniques against enuresis
These techniques are to encourage children to stay dry rewarding their progress with praise and small gifts. It does not guarantee a dry bed but can help kids to be motivated to keep trying to stay dry.

Medication against enuresis
Some prescription by a doctor helps prevent bedwetting. However should be discussed carefully with the doctor’s decision to use drugs, as these can have side effects. Although it may prevent the child wets the bed, do not help develop better bladder control. Once the medication is stopped, bedwetting can continue.

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