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Treatments for childhood overweight and obesity

The overweight, the threshold for obesity is an increasingly common problem among the child population, as doctors have warned on numerous occasions. Being overweight or obese is a risk factor associated with other diseases. And the fact is that every kilo counts for the health.

childhood overweight and obesity

Obesity can make them more prone to disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease. Then there are the emotional disorders, since overweight can affect the self-esteem of the child. The most appropriate treatment will be that that will help to prevent, control and reduce weight, favoring a proper growth and maintenance during adulthood.

Treatment of obesity in children

The prevention, the diet and exercise are three essential pillars of treatment for overweight and obesity in the infant stage. The treatment should be directed to change the eating habits and the relationship with food.

It is essential that the family be involved actively as it will be very difficult to adopt the child about certain habits if the rest of the family does not. It is essential to eliminate meals out of hours and foods with empty calories, as well as high-calorie (candy, nuts).

It is equally essential that the child into the habit of physical exercise, carefully explaining what are the advantages that it will bring to him. The weight loss should be balanced and progressive, without hurries. The child should not feel overwhelmed.

The support of the family is essential so that the child cannot see the diet and physical exercise as a punishment. As for the latter, it is important to let the children spend what exercise or sports wants to practice. We must also encourage daily walks and other habits such as going up and down stairs.

Diet to treat obesity in children

The diet is essential for the child to regain proper weight. A diet should include all the essential nutrients for their growth and at the same time, promotes fat burning. For this it is necessary to limit, not eliminate, the intake of fats and carbohydrates.

As we have pointed out, for effective treatment the family must be involved. In fact, in many cases the source of overweight is in bad nutritional habits of the family. Children under 7 years, recommends a diet of about 1,600 kcal/day, increasing the presence of fruits and vegetables and avoiding the consumption of foods with high caloric content (pastries, sweets, sausages …). In children older than 7 years, the recommended diet contributes between 1,800 and 2,300 kcal/day, avoiding products high in calories.

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