Useful tips for postpartum

After the birth, especially if you’re a new mother, you may have many questions about the recovery process as hygiene and food. That is why we want to give some useful tips that will help you a lot after delivery. So take up your questions noted and resolved.

tips for postpartum

For starters, food is a very important point for this period, especially if you are breastfeeding. Opt for a balanced diet and include fruits, legumes, vegetables and protein, like fish and seafood.

Do not eat sugary foods or fried foods, and if you have problems with constipation, it is best to take flaxseed. Do not forget to stroll each evening to activate the body.

You should exercise moderately and gradually increase the intensity, this way you’ll be less stressed, regain your figure and will improve the intestinal transit.

Do not forget to visit the gynecologist at least two months after birth, and will make a review and verify that all is well.

With regard to the hygiene, you can take a shower normally, in case of cesarean section also, only you have to be careful to dry off the wound with a towel, ensures that is clean and dry.

And about sex, regardless of whether it’s a natural childbirth or caesarean section, as most indicated is not having sex for a while to avoid vaginal bleeding. If you have sex and bleed, it is best to go to the gynecologist.

When the baby is sleeping, take the opportunity to rest, and in this way suffer less anxiety. And if you’re breastfeeding, the best thing is that you find out and look for groups of support.

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Remember that after giving birth you can start your daily activities without charge much, but gradually.