What babies learn during pregnancy

Do you know the things that your baby can learn during pregnancy? To know and differentiate flavors, develop the sense of touch… We tell you everything below.

babies learn during pregnancy

What babies learn during pregnancy

Surely you have heard that babies during gestation can hear and recognize the voice of mother and father, but: do you know what more things babies learn during pregnancy? Here we reveal them to you:

Differentiate flavors

You may have heard that if you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables during gestation you have many options that your little one develops good taste for them as he grows up, because it is totally true, babies learn to identify and differentiate flavors and tastes already in the first trimester of pregnancy, and as you can well imagine, the flavors that come to him are the things that the mother eats. So do not hesitate for a moment and keep a healthy and balanced diet from start to finish.

Sense of touch

If it is your second pregnancy you may notice much more the movements of your son or daughter, in fact, if you stroke the gut he will notice instantly and is that around four months of gestation babies recognize the touch that occurs around them.

Identify languages

Do you speak a second language? Do you want your little one to learn it? Well, you have to know that while he is in your tummy is able to know and distinguish if you speak in one language or another.

Know your position and how you feel

Have you noticed that if you are lying down your baby also changes posture? This is because he can know in which position you are located and not only that but also can know about your mood, your body movements and the tone of voice that you use at any time.

The sense of hearing

Surely you are familiar with that phrase that says that if you put music to your little boy he will listen and it is that in the last trimester of pregnancy babies already have developed completely the sense of hearing; cheer up and listen to some musical notes with your child.

How can you help your baby to learn

At this point it only remains to say how you can help your son or daughter to learn all these things; you just have to enjoy a few moments of music with him, to read a nice story in a soft voice while stroking with your hands in your belly, without forgetting to bring a healthy diet. These are simple things that will help you complete his learning when he is born.