What happens with weight gain during pregnancy?

Many women are concerned about weight gain during pregnancy, which is a stage in the life of women in the metabolism works differently. Let’s analyze what happens with weight gain during pregnancy:

weight gain during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy the regulation of fat and sugar is different because the body tends to build up reserves for breastfeeding.
  • The hormones related to pregnancy favor the appetite, making the pregnant woman significantly increase food intake without realizing for eating more often or be granted more whims but not really necessary to ensure that pregnancy comes to fruition.
  • During pregnancy increase fluid retention which sometimes gives rise to significant weight gain but we must also say that these are kilos that are easily lost.
  • There is no universal rule about the ideal weight to get fatter by a woman with the changes in pregnancy, as it seems that everyone agrees on is that thin women can afford fatter while starting the pregnancy overweight should control more and not only for aesthetics but for the baby’s health and weight problems that favors hypertension, gestational diabetes and especially childbirth complications.
  • There are certain factors that favor increased weight during pregnancy such as maternal age (older than 35 years), sedentary lifestyle or what happened with the weight in previous pregnancies.

As a recommendation, do not make restrictive regimes during pregnancy but monitor the quality of food.

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