What is a cesarean section?

A cesarean section is a surgical procedure that replaces the natural childbirth, in which the baby is removed through an incision in the mother’s womb. At present 20% of babies are born by caesarean section.

cesarean section

The cesarean section may be scheduled or emergency, in the first case is when in advance are aware of the problem before the natural childbirth while in the second, when a problem occurs during natural childbirth and to avoid risks for the mother and baby, it was decided to opt for a c-section.

There are cases that are classified as C-section, such as a bad position of the baby, multiple pregnancy, placenta previa or maternal diseases such as diabetes or preeclampsia, disproportion between the size of the baby and the size of the hips of the mother, fetal distress, and arrest of labor.

Mothers who have undergone a Caesarean section, in over half the cases, require another at a subsequent delivery.