What is the sudden death of a baby?

The sudden infant death is the sudden and unexpected death of a healthy baby, in most cases, before their first year of life. It is also a condition that usually happens at night, during sleep.

sudden death of a baby

Despite having no apparent cause, the sudden death of a baby may be caused by abnormalities in the brain (associated with premature babies) affecting the respiratory center or the control of blood pressure, anatomical abnormalities in brain bulb that affect the proper functioning of the heart or the inability to defend themselves in case of an accident as trapped between the sheets.

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Other factors that may increase the chances that a baby will suffer a sudden death are:

  • Sleeping on your stomach; as it is more exposed to overheat faster, to have pauses respiratory because inhaled and exhaled air.
  • Excess heat for being in a closed and hot or too sheltered space.
  • Sleep on a mattress, pillow or soft blankets, which can cause the baby to sink.
  • Being the son of smoking mother.
  • Have a history of sudden death in siblings.
  • Being male; since men are 50% more likely to suffer sudden death than a girl.

If we want to reduce the chances of our baby suffering from a sudden death we must lie in a proper manner and in a secure environment.