What nobody tells you about having a second child

Discover the things no one dares to tell you when you are thinking about having your second child. You have to know it!

having a second child

To many mothers, we love to launch ourselves and look for “couple”, regardless of the sex with which the future child is born. All the comments we hear about it are very positive, like our son will have a little brother to play and, above all, he will learn better than ever to share and be tolerant with him. But not everything is a way of roses, and is that there are certain aspects that have not mentioned before and are not so attractive. We tell you what no one tells you about having a second child.

You will feel exhausted

Do you remember the first and exhausting months with your firstborn? With the arrival of the second child, you probably feel much more tired, because not only you will have to take care of the newborn, but your other child will always be willing to get your attention, helping him or asking things. The best thing is that before you are born to look for someone who can help you with both while you recover, or even point them to a daycare.

You have to control jealousy

You not only need to take into account the needs of the newborn, but must pay equal attention to your other son if you do not want to see how their jealousy emerge. This will give very positive results in the long run, but the truth is that this is a period that will see increased your level of stress.

They will fight a lot

Far from being civilized, you expect children often to intervene in their ongoing disputes. The reasons are simple: it may be that the other is using his toy without permission, or simply because they do not want to go with their friends when the smallest is trying to be sociable.

They will not be synchronized

All we calculate the exact time to eat our new child or when should lie both. The truth is that the first few months will be relatively easier, since we are provided with a strict schedule of captures and hours of sleep for the baby, but the problem increases when both grow and turn into two small earthquakes. When one wants to sleep, the other will want to get out to the playground; when one is hungry, the other will reject the food… and so on to infinity.

You will realize that you are a super mom

Despite all the negative aspects of having two children, you will be able to face them and move on. You will realize that with the first child you have learned so much that the tasks will be much easier to perform than at the beginning, when you were an inexperienced mother. It’s just a matter of adapting, and you can check everything you’re capable of. There will be no problem that you resist!