What to do with a sleepwalking child

Do you have a sleepwalking child? The Sleepwalking is a disorder of sleep that is to do things while you are asleep, so much to talk or go out. It is a common disorder in children than in adults, although it should be noted that it occurs in very different degrees. Today we tell you what it is and what can result in children.

sleepwalking child

Sleepwalking usually occurs during 3 or 4 stage of the sleep, when you sleep deeply in the early hours of the night. The most obvious symptom of this problem is that the child walks asleep in the house, but can also sit on the bed, sometimes with open eyes, leave the house, talk, dress or undress… The most common is that the next day not remembers what he has done during overnight.

Sleepwalking has no consequences, rather than the risk of an accident when walking asleep. Most often occurring at most once a month. Among the causes of sleepwalking are handled the stress, lack of sleep, fatigue or fever. It is also believed that there could be a genetic cause. It is important to be alert to know if our son or daughter is sleepwalking.

Sleepwalking has no specific treatment, and decreases with age. They may be prescribe tranquilizer drugs for a while and consider some tips to control sleep, how to avoid stress, excessive fatigue or lack of sleep. It is also suitable for home as safe as possible to prevent accidents in the small. Finally, keep in mind that, contrary to what many people think, yes it is possible to wake up a sleepwalking person.