What to eat and what not to eat when you’re pregnant

When you’re pregnant it’s time to look after yourself especially. And it is that if it is always important, during this stage of life is much more. And as you know you have to be careful with certain foods and beverages. Without going any further, the intake of alcohol is completely prohibited. It is something basic but which we cannot avoid if we talk about food and drinks that are not recommended during pregnancy.

food for pregnant women

Pregnant women do not have to eat for two – and more than once we have heard – but they should keep in mind that while an adult woman who is not pregnant need some 2000 calories per day, in the case of a pregnant woman required intake becomes 2400 calories. The diet must be balanced and varied.

If you are pregnant you should take proteins, carbohydrates and fats that come from milk, nuts and oil, mainly because these are the nutrients most needed at this stage. Furthermore, it is especially important to drink in the first three months of pregnancy folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, since it is a vitamin key to the formation of the nervous system of the child.

As for foods that should not take, here all the sausages and derivatives might be included: chorizo, carpaccio, ham. And it is that products that are discouraged to eat raw or processed. Also included in this list pates, mayonnaise and infusions, among others.

And, of course, although it is not a question of any food we cannot overlook the snuff. Absolutely forbidden for pregnant women. If you find yourself expecting a baby and do smoke, it will have to make an effort for the child. Follow these tips and with the control of your specialist… Everything runs smoothly!