What to eat during pregnancy?

During the pregnancy it is very important to take care of our eating habits, because what we eat will also be what baby consumes. Although the belief that pregnancy should eat for two is not entirely true, a pregnant woman must increase the food quantity up to approximately 300 additional calories per day – especially in the most advanced stage of pregnancy – that must be obtained through nutritious foods that contribute to the development and growth of the baby. Would you like to get some tips on how you should be eating during pregnancy?

eat during pregnancy

Avoid the foods that are not cooked as fish, seafood, raw meat or undercooked, unpasteurized milk or soft cheeses. Beware of sausages like chorizo or ham, and do not forget to wash vegetables thoroughly before eating. All these foods may contain bacteria that affect the fetus.

Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy. Alcohol can cause serious problems in the fetus as physical defects, emotional or learning problems.

In addition to the above recommendations, a number of vitamins should be consumed during pregnancy: the folic acid, present foods like liver, cereals, peas, leafy greens such as chard or spinach, and the fruit; the vitamin D, iron, vitamin C present in citrus, calcium, and zinc, which can be found in fish and red meat.