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Why babies have hiccups?

The hiccup is a common phenomenon in the baby does not cause discomfort or disorder to the newborn but new parents often scared the first few times their baby experiencing thinking that it can cause discomfort. The hiccups on the baby suddenly appear and vanish in the same way. In addition, it decreases frequency as the baby grows.

baby hiccups

Why babies have hiccups? The causes of hiccups are sudden and irregular contractions of the diaphragm caused by lack of control due to the immaturity of the nervous system. Then the muscles that favor the breathing are strong and try to work in harmony but due to the contractions of the diaphragm, occur repetitive spasms of the muscle itself.

The baby hiccups can be caused by eating too fast, swallowing air and even sudden changes in temperature. The hiccups usually lasts a short time in the baby and not have to do anything to make it disappear because all the tricks that we employ to adults, can not be used in infants for obvious reasons.

The only recommendations that can be done to prevent baby hiccups would be to try not to swallow air, making stops at the shots and trying to take the air after eating by placing it in a vertical position and avoid sudden changes in temperature.

If your baby has hiccups repetitively, we recommend that consult your pediatrician.

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