Why do the babies cry?

The babies cry inevitably; it is the way they communicate their emotions. For parents it can be difficult to interpret these cries, and if it occurs continuously, it can reach even to despair them.

why baby crying

Here is a list of the most common reasons why a baby crying:

  • The crying may indicate that your baby is hungry. See if he puts his hands to his mouth, he is restless, or moves his mouth; to verify that indeed is hungry on breast-feed to your baby.
  • Another of the most common reasons why a baby cries is because he need to sleep. To avoid this situation it is advisable to put to sleep as soon as you yawn for the first time.
  • The babies also cry if they have the dirty diaper.
  • The stomach problems may cause a baby crying. Despite being common, if your little cries often after eating, consult your doctor.
  • For the babies like to be warm; so if they feel cold they will begin to weep energetically. They can also do if they get too hot, although it is less likely.
  • The baby can also crying simply be because they want to get caught in arms. Babies like pampering, feel their parents, listen to them…