Why it is good to walk to school with your children

Sometimes, due to distance, many parents go to school with their children by car or public transport and that’s fine. But instead of stopping right at the entrance, it’s a good idea to park a little further away or stop earlier to get into good habits. You just need a little more time and then, you will reap great benefits for yourself and your children. Why is it good to walk to school with your children?

And no, we are not just referring to the physical health part (which we are also), since walking is good for the health of the body and mind. We want to go one step further and that is why we are going to explain why walking to school is an excellent option for you.

walk to school with children
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Why do you have to walk to school with your children?

Walking is good for them

Walking is good for them, and for you. It is true that doing it will take more time than if you go by car, but… walking will help you to be more mentally and physically active to start the day in the best possible way. Driving them to the school gate does not activate them enough and they will start the day feeling lazier.

You don’t need to walk too much, about 100 or 200 meters is more than enough, and the change in their attitude and the energy they develop to start the day will increase.

Talk more with your children

If you take them by car, you focus on the traffic and if they are still half asleep, it is likely that the conversation will be nil… plus you have less time.

On the other hand, if you walk you can have that precious time to talk about things that happened the day before, how school will be that day … and any topic that seems interesting to them at that moment.

This is essential because having conversations with your children is necessary to strengthen your emotional bond but also for your child to improve their language development and intelligence. Speaking will allow them to learn to listen, wait for your turn to speak, pay attention to details, describe situations, etc.

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It does not matter if your child is still very young and does not respond to you, because he will be listening to what you say and that is also magic for his ears and his neurological development.

You can ask him what he had for dinner the night before so that the memory of him begins and he is preparing for the exams at school.

You can let them in first

It sounds silly, but it’s not at all. Your children may like to feel protected behind you when they go to school… but allow them to enter first because this will help them to face life better in the future.

A gesture as simple as entering a school or place first and you going behind will allow them to be more responsible, make better decisions in the future and face difficulties successfully.

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Hug them and tell them you love them

Hugs cannot be missing in your life and that of your children and above all, just before going to school since they will be separated from you for several hours.

Even if you are in a hurry to go to work, enjoy that special moment for you and your children. Giving him a hug is more important than anything else, everything can wait…

Give him a hug for more than 10 seconds and your children will feel safer, they will feel more confident in themselves and others, and most importantly: they will connect with you on a deep level and they need that love to be happy. And before you leave, tell them how much you love them.