Why should you care baby oral health

Even if a baby does not have teeth, it is very important to look after their oral health. Thus they may prevent bacteria associated with caries and other oral infections that are present in saliva. So oral hygiene is the point to be taken into account from the start, as well as take care of the oral cavity, not too much should be given snacks, sugary drinks, sweets, etc., as this causes the cavities occur at an early age.

care baby oral health

After taking the bottle or breast is advisable to brush their teeth, so will remove any traces. You should clean the baby’s gums with a wet gauze, and as they begin to grow teeth, buy a baby toothbrush to brush after meals.From the year brushing as a game can be used, in this way the child acquires the habit of brushing, and must be done at least twice a day. We also have to buy a children’s toothpaste that count are milder flavors.

Brushing can be done as a game where participate the family where they can sing songs, stories, music, so children will find fun cleaning their mouth. When the baby has tooth decay, it is best to visit the dentist or pediatrician, so he can solve the problem.

In addition to brushing, parents should educate their babies from children with a balanced diet where foods with sugars are avoided. He should drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables. Also, when the child reaches two years must take the dentist and may make a complete review of their oral health. And if in doubt, it is best to follow the advice of the pediatrician, so the baby will have an enviable oral health.

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