Working mothers: Tricks to spend time with children

Today there are many mothers who have to combine work with caring for their children. This carries great physical and mental exhaustion, but what we really care about is not spending enough time with our children and who may feel alone during his childhood. We tell you the tricks to spend more time with the children being a working mother.

spend time with children

Do the home tasks for the nights

Advance work or home work when your child is already sleeping will help you use it on the free time of the day.

Do not focus on leaving your impeccable home on a daily basis, but it is best to divide the chores for days: one dedicated to iron, another to sweep and mop, another to clean thoroughly… This will help you to be a little less tired, although it is clear that you will have to give up some sleep for your child.

Ask for help

Convert any daily activity in a game will make children feel more attached to you, and not only helping you do your homework.

Ask him to help you too in the kitchen or store their toys, rather than each performing a different activity. You will finish much earlier and will do that to learn many things!

Get organized

It is clear that the time you pass together is reduced, but still decreases more if you do not organize yourselves. Do a weekly calendar in which you notes your working hours, tuition hours of the child and all activities that you may have to do separately.

Mark the times when both you coincide and are free, and under no circumstances include any other activity.

That time is only for your child and for you.

Promotes your hobbies

No time for everything, and if you want to spend more time with your little one is clear that you must give up some activities. However, there are others who can do together.

Of course, there will be someone with which you will not coincide for tastes, but there are hobbies suitable for all audiences. If for example you like photography, you can teach your child how to handle a camera and excursions together to capture the most beautiful pictures. These will be unforgettable moments!