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Working while Pregnant

Pregnancy is a sensitive issue in any woman’s life because we cannot control all the changes that are occurring in our body. We want to make sure we do the best for the birth of a healthy baby, but sometimes we do not know if we are doing the right thing. Is it good to work during pregnancy?

working pregnant

Pregnancy and risk work
If pregnancy has complications from the beginning or if it is considered a risk pregnancy, it is more likely that your doctor will ask for rest, in which case you will have to stop working with the legal security that will give your sick leave for complications in the pregnancy. It is true that not all women are in a regular employment situation and that can generate a high level of stress that can affect the baby’s development.

Logically, if you have to do your work in a hazardous environment, as being in contact with chemical substances, or in very hot environments, or be in contact with infections, as does the medical staff, you should consult your doctor if the best option is a medical leave or simply enough with certain precautions.

The true thing is that during the pregnancy you will have to avoid certain situations although neither your pregnancy nor your work are considered of risk. And it is not only dangerous to be in contact with chemical substances or heavy work, but that a employment physically quiet as you can be sitting at a computer can also present complications.

Recommended during pregnancy
Usually, women who continue to work during pregnancy have a reduced risk of complications in the baby’s development. This is because he does not suffer from stress caused by the rupture of their everyday lives. But if you’re that who can calmly continue with your work during pregnancy, it should be that you follow some recommendations.

  • Rest the most. Both at night, during sleep, and at work, please take breaks that you need to avoid fatigue.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and do moderate exercise.
  • Avoid if possible stressful situations or extreme responsibility at work.
  • Avoid contact with chemical or dangerous substances for the health of the baby.
  • Regulates the temperature in your workplace.
  • Avoid heavy lifting.
  • If you work in sitting, using a footrest and tries to get up and walk a little at a time. Watch the position of your back.

Note that if you can eliminate some of the risks involved in work, continue with your work during pregnancy will cause that your baby is born healthy. But you have to take it calmly and accept that there will be things that you can do for a while.

If your doctor recommends medical leave, do not the play it, it will be because you believe that your work is not suitable for the proper development of pregnancy.

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