Your baby and you

When the time comes for you and your partner to have a baby, the hope is often that this will occur naturally. Often, however, this might not go according to plan and intervention of some sort is going to be required. This can come in various forms, and require research and money to undertake. But at the end of the day, when or if successful, it can be a great gift to you and your family as sisters become aunts, moms become grandmothers and dads become grandpas. It’s a magical time for one and all and a thing to be cherished rather than avoided.

your baby

Intervention is as intervention does

Finding the right fertility clinic Melbourne and other parts of Australia have can be one of the more key searches you will undergo when it is time to ponder this direction. There are many options but not all are suitable for you. So, yes, do your digging, make phone calls and ask around for word of mouth referrals. Often people have walked this road and can speak wonderfully of the doctor and nurses they partnered with. These are the types of people you should be looking to walk with too as you undergo what can be a difficult and stressful time.

The sex

Now is not the time to really be thinking about the sex of your child, but it’s fun to dream as to whether or not you want a boy or a girl. The gender is never guaranteed, but it’s fun to think about what the nursery will look like if it is a boy or what the toys will be if it is a girl. Dream a little, indeed, because there will be plenty of time for the practical measures during the lengthy or brief path ahead for you and your partner or spouse.

When the push come to the shove

At some stage, the specialists are going to have to ask you some tough questions and you need to be prepared for these. You are well advised to ask as many questions as you want to for yourself, in order to equip yourself with as much knowledge and understanding and comfort as you need to get you through a particularly trying time.

Don’t go it alone

People tend to keep this sort of mission to themselves, for better or worse, but it’s always good to make others close to you emotionally aware that you are doing this. People will ask questions about why you don’t have kids at a certain age and it might be an opportunity to enlighten them about your journey and that giving birth to a child naturally and conceiving one naturally isn’t always as straightforward as they might think. It’s just a chance to encourage people to look beyond themselves, outside of their boxed and pre-packaged ideas. This journey is about you and your partner and your baby, not necessarily them, but it’s good to have them along for an exciting and challenging ride.