Your child in the ninth month of pregnancy

Do you already have everything ready? There are only four weeks for the birth of your son! Now it is the best … and the worst: it is very likely experience some pain lower back in recent days, you have heartburn, you will swell slightly ankles, notes that lack of air, and perhaps also appear sleep problems. But the illusion of standby for all that and more … Your baby is eager to leave. Want to know how are you?

ninth month of pregmancy

The baby is gaining weight at a rate of 30 grams per day. The perimeter of your head is almost the same length as your abdomen. You have left few days to reach the average values of the babies at birth: 3,100 gm in weight and 50 cm in length.

I’m very fat!
It’s no wonder … Your uterus is reaching the edge of the sternum. This fluid in the amniotic sac has increased from a few drops to a liter or a little more. The placenta is so great that now measures more than 15 centimeters in diameter and weighs about 600 grams.

Baby does not move?
You will notice that he is less active, which rolls and kicks but does not change his position. It is as logical as he continues to grow, just have room to move. When his head is engaged in the pelvis, this will be accentuated even more. And when your baby will not be move felt in an afternoon, do not be alarmed: surely will be taking a nap because he already has his distinct sleep and waking hours.

How is he positioned?
Normally during the ninth month, if you have not done so, the baby prepares for the birth. Search for the proper position for the time of delivery and it is accommodated in the lower abdomen. If this is not your case, consult your gynecologist but do not be alarmed, because there are cases of moms who have not realized that his son had turned around.

What does look like?
At this stage of pregnancy, lanugo-hair that covering his body – it is disappearing and the vernix- fine fat layer on your skin will serve to allow the sliding of the baby in the birth canal. His skull is not fully ossified and has fontanelles and sutures, membranous spaces between the bones that eventually closed months after birth.

Has it already completely matured his organism?
His lungs, vital organs that still last month were not fully developed, are now completing their maturation. The baby already practiced how to breathe, preparing for life on the outside. Soon, he is ready to breathe outside the womb.

His immune system is not complete yet and your child receives at the moment yours antibodies across the placenta. It is well protected against germs that you have defenses. After birth, he will still receive this defense through breast milk.

His intestines have begun to produce a substance called meconium which is their first stool. The same will be removed under normal conditions, after birth.

And you can only hope the first contractions…

In short, he is ready and waiting for the right time. The birth can occur at any time! Remember that you have prepared the suitcase and occur early contractions, go to the chosen birth center.